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Architectural Stone

We undertake all types of architectural stone masonry such as stone window and door surrounds, stone sills, mullions, pillars and columns, corbels and finials. We also supply commissioned gravestones, memorials, obelisks and crosses.

Send us your designs or drawings of ideas you may have and we will do the rest. All made in various types of natural sandstone and limestone.

We will hand carve to your specifications so don't limit yourself to what you can see here.

large gate post Stone porch columns pillars Stone Pillar Stone Window Surround Yorkstone war memorial obelisk Sandstone memorial cross Replacement Kneeler, Quoins and Coping stones - Carnforth Station war memorial 004.jpg Church window head, mullions Natural stone pier cap Sandstone boulder letter carving Stonemasonry Old style stone window surround natural stone lintel Natural stone window sill Bespoke stone gateposts Double sandstone gateposts portico stone pillars sandstone Natural Sandstone stone gatepost.jpg