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We hand carve every stone fireplace to your exact specifications so don't limit yourself to what you can see on our website. Simply call or email us today and one of our experts will discuss what we can do for you.

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Our restoration team can repair or replace original features of your building, whether it be a single stone window sill on a small cottage to a full masonry replacement on a church or listed building.

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We undertake all types of architectural stone masonry such as stone window & door surrounds, stone sills, mullions, pillars and columns, corbels and finials, gravestones, memorials, obelisks and crosses.

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Our master stonemasons can create bespoke, expertly-constructed stone pillar designs with all the intricate detail you need to ensure you have an eye-catching stone pillar that suits you and your property.

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Guide Price List

The guide prices shown are examples for the sizes given. Prices vary depending on size and stone used.

Please contact us for more details and a quote.

Completion of standard size Fireplaces from order is approximately 5 weeks. Please allow a little longer during our busiest spell September – Christmas and for Bespoke sizes.

Stone Fireplace installation

A nationwide stone fireplace installation service Is available for all fire surrounds at an additional cost. If you prefer your own fireplace fitter / builder to install then we can deliver only. Fitting instructions, brackets, pointing dust and anti stain sealant all come with the fireplace. Please call 01524 733322 or email paul@tomlinsonstonecraft.co.uk for more information.

Click here to find out more about the types of Stone we use at Tomlinson Stonecraft

Fire Surround Standard Size Bretton Moor / Lancs York / Ancaster / Bath Portland
The Fairfield 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Willow 1300w x 1070h
1500w x 1160h
The Winchester 1500w x 1020h £1668 £2028 £2388
The Essington 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Hampton 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Manor 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Ashton 1550w x 1400h £2208 £2640 £3000
The Lincoln 1450w x 1270h £1440 £1920 £2280
The Balmoral 900w x 1400h £1350 £1542 £1770
The Chardonnay 1500w x 1250h
1880w x 1525h
The Windsor 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Mayfair 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Abingdon 1200w x 1020h
1400w x 1130
The Rothbury 1300w x 1100h
1500w x 1190h
The Canterbury 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Dalton 1300w x 1150h
1500w x 1250h
The Chester 1200w x 1020h
1400w x 1110h
The Deco 1400w x 1170h £1392 £1752 £2112
The Sunrise 1500w x 1200h £1908 £2268 £2628
The Regent 1300w x 1100h £1368 £1656 £2088
The Cambridge 1600w x 1350h £2220 £2652 £3012
The Cheminée 1550w x 1400h £2802 £3234 £3594
The Belgravia 1500w x 1300h £2712 £3072 £3432
The Montrose 1550w x 1400h £3504 £3936 £4224
All prices include VAT. The above prices are for standard sized stone fire surrounds and include the front hearth, and the back hearth or slips. The standard depth of jambs (legs) and lintels (heads) are @150d except the Ashton and the Cheminée @215d. The standard mantle depth is 200-225 except the Ashton and the Cheminée @300d. Standard hearth depth is 460d. Deeper legs and head, chamber stone, kerbing, delivery and fireplace fitting are at an additional cost. We can also provide Lakeland slate for your hearth and chamber if preferred.