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Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces – natural stone fireplaces

At Tomlinson Stonecraft, we provide natural stone fireplaces that can fit seamlessly into any home whether your home is a city apartment or a rural manor house. We strive to provide bespoke fireplaces to your unique designs and requirements, whether you opt for something grand, classic or ultra-modern you can be sure of high-quality design with aesthetic appeal. The enduring appeal of natural stone fireplaces has been popular since well before Georgian and Victorian times, giving your home a lasting elegant and durable look. By choosing a natural stone fireplace, you can be confident of being rewarded by a low maintenance fireplace that will last for years to come.

Design your own fireplace or pick a style that suits you

Every fireplace we create is uniquely tailored to your requirements depending on your room size, depth of the fireplace and preferred features. Within natural stone fireplaces, each stone has it’s individual detailed markings such as veining, coloured grains, shells and fossils to give your fireplace a distinctive, characterful look. We have a range of fireplace designs that you can choose from. We individually carve all our stone fireplaces to your specifications, using solid natural stone derived from the earth.

Choosing the right stone for you

Choosing a natural stone fireplace is a great way to create a focal point for your room. However, before you choose which stone you would like for your fireplace, it is important to decide on the right colour and texture. When choosing your desired stone type, it is important to consider your living environment including the surrounding furniture, the walls and the material the house is made of. The colour of natural stone varies from off white/ cream to beige/ brown to grey. For modern projects, adding bright colour combinations to can create an elegant, contemporary appearance.

Visiting our stone fireplace showroom is the best way to see all our natural stones on show to help you decide. Alternatively, if you live some distance away and unable to visit showroom, we can send stone samples through post for you to view.

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Cost-effective fireplaces that don't sacrifice quality

Natural stone fireplaces are very cost-effective, retaining their value or even increasing in value over time. It is important to note that we do NOT use any reconstituted stone, other concrete based products or cheap imports from India, China or Portugal. At Tomlinson Stonecraft, we use only the best natural British stone, providing British-made fireplaces using British stone. As well as offering timeless appeal, natural stone is an excellent fireplace material, absorbing and retaining heat, maintaining room temperature. Fire and stone perfectly complement each other as natural elements work well together.

Fitting your fireplace

We provide a nationwide fitting service for all stone fireplaces. We have installed our stone fireplaces as far north as near John O groats in the Highlands of Scotland to the south coast of England. We are regularly fitting our stone fireplaces in London, Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas. We have also travelled to Guernsey to install one of our bespoke stone fireplace surrounds.

Alternatively, we can just deliver your fireplace if you prefer to use your local fireplace fitter or builder. We provide all necessary fitting instructions, fixing brackets, pointing dust and stone sealant to ensure that your fireplace installation remains hassle-free. We deliver our fireplaces all over the UK. We have also shipped our stone fireplaces to New Zealand, Germany, Portugal and Ireland among other destinations.

Sandstone Fireplaces

Sandstone was the earliest stone material used in the construction of fireplaces and surrounds and it is easy to see why. Sandstone is a clastic rock that is mainly composed of sand-sized rock grains or minerals. Sandstone fireplaces have quickly become a regular sight in homes across the UK, offering aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability. Sandstone fireplaces are especially common in properties that are often located in rural areas ranging from baronial halls to former rectories to thatched cottages.

Keep warm and lower your energy bills

A sandstone fireplace can help to project a warm, cosy atmosphere that can illuminate your home, giving your home a distinctive and visually-appealing look. A sandstone fireplace offers a sense of warmth that can ensure you stay warm during the winter months, becoming more and more popular in the construction of new homes and in renovations of older properties.

Sandstone is particularly adept at retaining heat from your fireplace, increasing energy efficiency and lowering your energy costs. By radiating heat for longer than other materials, this means that you can enjoy a warmer room for longer, ensuring that you can stay comfortably in your living space long after the fire has subsided.

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Increase the value of your home

Using sandstone for your fireplace can enhance your home’s resale value as most home buyers will appreciate the sophisticated and timeless appeal of a sandstone fireplace.

Customised to suit your home

We can easily customise your sandstone fireplace to complement any specific design you desire. With a wide range of colours and unique patterns to choose from, all you have do is pick the right look for you. Our expert team of sandstone fireplace installers are uniquely equipped to provide you with the best advice to achieve the results you want, whilst offering excellent workmanship.

Sandstone is very sturdy, meaning that it is entirely possible for your sandstone fireplace to last for as long as or even outlast the life of your home. With expert installation by our experience team, you can be confident that your fireplace will only require very minimal repair in future. For additional advice, please feel free to ask for any fireplace maintenance and cleaning tips from our team during installation.

Promote design consistency in your home

If you are using natural sandstone in your home already, such as the main build, stone window surrounds or columns, then using sandstone is a great way for your fireplace to complete the overall look of your home, creating a consistent look for your home’s interior and exterior.

At Tomlinson Stonecraft, we strive to offer a truly bespoke service that allows you to recreate your bespoke design from a picture or drawing. We hand carve all our sandstone fireplaces, drawing on traditional stonemasonry techniques using solid natural stone direct from UK quarries.

To find out more about our natural stone fireplace surrounds or other products, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01524 733322 or email paul@tomlinsonstonecraft.co.uk.