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Stone Pillars

Stone pillars are isolated, upright structural objects (e.g. stone columns), constructed from a single piece of stone or in sections. Stone pillars can be constructed in a range of shapes and sizes, commonly acting as a load-bearing element for parts of a building, acting as a building support. However, stone pillars can stand alone as an ornamental element if you wish, representing great versatility.

Enhance your home's visual appeal

Stone pillars are a great way to enhance the beauty and construction of buildings, providing a classically elegant look, whilst providing strength and durability. Stone pillars often reflect classical architecture, giving your home character and charm, completing the design ethos for your home.

Skilfully crafted

Stone pillars require great skill and precision when being constructed as all the uneven surfaces of the stone need to be chipped away to create a smooth, aesthetically-pleasing finish. Stone pillars can be especially useful at decorating the entrance to a property, providing a sophisticated first impression.

Strength and durability

All stone pillars must have most of their weight bearing at the top of the pillar to ensure strength and stability. Usually cut from a solid block of natural stone, stone pillars are a great addition to any property. The stonemason must take extra precautions when building the stone pillar, ensuring that corner stones are in exact alignment with the horizontal joints and vertical corners.

Designed to your bespoke requirements

At Tomlinson Stonecraft, we offer a range of sophisticated designs for you to choose from. Alternatively, we can also provide you with beautiful, handmade stone pillars that have been carefully constructed by our team of expert and experienced stonemasons to address your bespoke requirements. No matter how simple your design idea may be from a vague idea to a realised sketch, we can provide you with relevant advice and the expertise necessary to realise your design.

High-quality materials

At Tomlinson Stonecraft, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality stone to ensure that your requirements are met to the highest standards, ensuring a suitable and long-lasting product for your needs. Our master stonemasons can create expertly-constructed designs with all the intricate detail you need to ensure you have an eye-catching stone pillar that suits you.

Gate pillars

Stone pillars can form a great entrance to your home, creating an impressive first impression for visitors to your home. The height of your stone pillars can be varied according to your needs, helping to create an appropriate stone pillar for your property. Stone pillars can help classic icons at the top of the pillar (e.g. a lion) to associate your home with an emblem, perhaps even using emblems with historical significance to you or the property (e.g. family coat of arms).

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