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Stone Types

Types of Stone we use at Tomlinson Stonecraft

Natural stone varies in colour and texture with some veining and coloured grains, shells and fossils, making every fireplace surround and stone masonry product unique.

Tomlinson Stonecraft only uses top quality natural stone from British Quarries. We use several types of natural Sandstone and limestone, all very different in colour and texture giving a wide selection for you to choose.

We can also provide a wide range of natural Lakeland slate for hearth stones and Chambers. Please ask for details.

Stone samples are available – please contact us for more information.

Stone Masons

Yorkstone (Sandstone)

Quarried in Woodkirk, Morley near Leeds, this fine grained sandstone is of very high quality, durability and strength. Yorkstone has a smooth finish making it ideal for fine detailed carvings and moulds. It comes in a grey - light brown colour.

Yorkstone is a sedimentary rock formed as deltaic river deposits during the carboniferous period over 300 million years ago. It consists of silica, quarts, iron oxides, clay, mica and feldspar.

Yorkstone is used in a wide variety of buildings and construction but is perhaps best known for its use as paving. Yorkstone was the traditional London paving stone.

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Lancashire Sandstone

Another carboniferous age sandstone, medium grained from near longridge, Lancashire. Light buff/ brown in colour with strong orange/ purple veining running through, giving it an extra unique character.

Ancaster Hard White (Limestone)

Ancaster Hard White (Limestone)

This fine grained oolitic Limestone comes from the middle Jurassic era and takes its name from where it is quarried – on the outskirts of the tiny village of Ancaster in Lincolnshire.

The stone is cream coloured with pink shading in patches. It contains varying amounts of shell and fossil deposits. It is regularly used for most architectural applications all over the country including many prestigious buildings.

Ancaster Weatherbed Buff (Limestone)

Ancaster Weatherbed Buff (Limestone)

Similar to the hard white, this extremely durable Ancaster Limestone is a consistently strong buff colour with a strong shell and fossil consent.

The hard wearing qualities of the stone make it ideal for flooring and exposed architectural masonry as well as internal projects such as fireplaces.

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Bathstone (Limestone)

At Tomlinson Stonecraft we use Bath stone from the Stoke Ground quarry at Limpley Stoke on the outskirts of Bath. The Bath stone is an oolitic Limestone formed over 135 million years ago during the middle Jurassic period, comprising of granular calcium carbonate fragments. Lime covered layers of marine sediment under the sea to form this sedimentary rock.

The Bath stone is a soft Limestone with quite an open grain giving it a slight antique look. It comes in a beautiful cream/ slight honey colour which mellows over time. It contains shells, veining and small fossils.

Bath stone isn’t just used in the beautiful Roman and Georgian city of Bath, it is extensively used in both new build and restoration projects throughout the U.K. It is regularly used by English heritage and often specified by the Royal household

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Portland Basebed (Limestone)

This world famous limestone has been extracted from the Isle of Portland since the Roman times. Extraction for Industry began in the early 1600s and fast became hugely popular stone for the building of central London landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. A premium quality, fine grained limestone making it ideal for fine detailed carving and profiles. Portland Basebed is typically an off white - cream colour with occasional small grey shell fragments.

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Portland Whitbed (Limestone)

A varied textured limestone with a predominantly high shell and fossil content. Tight uniform areas of stone adjacent to small voids and dense grey shell and fossil inclusions. This creamy / white coloured stone mellows to a grey / white with age, although the strong grey shell content can often slightly darken the appearance.

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Bretton Moor (Sandstone)

A medium grained Sandstone in a light sand / buff / brown colour. A very consistent Sandstone with occasional faint markings and fleck. Our most popular Sandstone lends itself to suit simple and more detailed architectural masonry and fireplace designs.

This small Sandstone quarry is based in the Derbyshire Peak District and offers a lovely stone to shape and carve.