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Stone Window Surrounds

Available in plain and decorative styles, we can provide a range of stone window surrounds that are designed to fit any size of window openings. Whether you wish to recreate existing windows surrounds or have a design of your own, our friendly team of stonemasons will be more than happy to help you.

Stone window surrounds have become a popular and versatile option, which can be cut to suit various styles from square cut contemporary surrounds to more detailed surrounds that can be found on more traditional buildings. Give your property a high-quality and sophisticated feel with our range of stone window surrounds to help enhance your property’s visual appeal.

Our range of window surrounds are composed of:

Window Cills

The bottom stone in the surround is known as a window cill. We can cut our stone window surrounds, including cills and thresholds to any size and style to suit your property so that you have the perfect window surround for you.

We can provide square window cills that are composed of simple square section stones that are uniquely cut to a length, width and height of your choice. These are a traditional and cost-effective shape that can significantly enhance the character of your window. If you wish to opt for a more detailed design, we can provide slip cills and stooled cills for a more aesthetically pleasing and personalised look.

Carnforth station window surround Old style stone window surround Natural stone window sill

Jamb and Mullion

Our window surrounds can incorporate jamb and mullion stones depending on the design of the window and style of the property. If you wish to have jamb and mullion stones, we can easily cut these for you to varying lengths or we can cut these as a single long length. The choice is up to you to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with your window surround.


The final finishing touch that is used to form a window surround is the head. This stone spans across the top of the surround, completing the elegant and sophisticated look of our window surrounds. The head also has the added benefit of providing additional strength and support to the masonry above the opening.

Depending on your needs, we can provide window heads in a square cut or more detailed designs that can uniquely suit the style of the window surround. Throughout our stone window surrounds, we strive to provide consistency and durability, providing designs that will complement the profile used on the jamb stones.

Stone window surrounds can prove to be an effective tool in protecting your home against moisture, preserving the beauty of your home. When heat escapes to the outdoors, moisture can enter along the base of the window. Stone window surrounds naturally help to evaporate moisture, whilst providing an attractive and elegant look.

We manufacture all our window surrounds in various types of solid natural British Sandstone and Limestone. We also provide slate window sills, which are one of the least water-absorbent natural material for a window surround, needing little maintenance to retain their beauty and long lifespan. All you need to do is occasionally wipe the slate with a damp cloth, taking away the stress and strain of maintaining beautiful stonework.

For more information on our range of stone window surrounds or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us today.